Welcome to the Church@ Movement
An Old Expression of Faith in a Fresh New Way

We are a work of Reformation! What would the local church look like if we threw out everything we have been taught about church and started over with only the Bible to instruct us. Would we hire staff, buy buildings, hold public worship gatherings and so many other things we see as common in the American church today?

We don't find these things in the Bible. What we do find there is all the instruction we need for an organic gathering of disciples, empowered by the Holy Spirit, that preaches the Gospel of the Kingdom and cares for the widows, orphans and the poor. We see a church that prays, serves, sacrifices and battles in the Spirit. 

The Church@ Movement is rediscovering the church found in the Bible. Maybe you have always felt a little out of place in Sunday services. Maybe you thought something was wrong but you couldn't put your finger on it. That is how many of us felt. We encourage you to explore those feelings. God is calling out a remnant to reshape His church. He wants us to get back to His design for the church.