What to Expect
How to Connect

What is different about the Church@ and what can you expect if you connect with a Church@ group of disciples?

Don't expect a show. We are not spectator driven – There is no performance. There is no set order of service. The Church@ desires your interaction and involvement. In the Church@ gathering it is expected that people will be free and encouraged to participate in the gathering. Bring a song or a teaching if you desire. We encourage you to use your spiritual gift to build up the body. If you don't know how, we will teach you..

God has gifted you with something that will benefit the others gathering with you. This may not be what you are used to but it is God's design and instruction in Scripture. 

[1Co 14:26 NASB] 26 What is [the outcome] then, brethren? When you assemble, each one has a psalm, has a teaching, has a revelation, has a tongue, has an interpretation. Let all things be done for edification.

The Chruch@ needs your gifts to function. It is a gathering of Holy Spirit transformed followers of Christ declaring the Glory of God and expanding His kingdom work on earth.

We are a gathering of disciples focused on the mission of Jesus to redeem mankind. We are very active in our communities. We serve, volunteer, care for and minister to the whole community. Expect to serve.

The church is not a building so we are not stationary or building centered – We gather organically wherever the disciples agree to gather. We have had gatherings in parks, homes, warehouses, just about any place can do. We don't have buildings that are just for gathering. This allows us to use our resources to minister in the community. We don't always gather on Sunday. Each Church@ decides its own gathering time. (Romans 14:5) This allows the group to focus on the mission on whatever day works best in their community.

Don't expect age segregation. The church is the family of God. As a family, we gather together with all the ages together.

Don't expect a calander full of programs and events. We serve the community. Our goal is not to lure people to a building but rather to take Jesus to the people. We don't fill our time with attempts to attract people to church. We fill our time serving the poor, widows, orphans, homelss, foreigners, addicts and the oppressed. This opens opportunity to share the Gospel and make disciples.

Because of these things, your first step to connecting with the local Church@ in your area is to contact the leader listed on the web site. Meet with them and get to know them. They can answer any questions and let you know where and when the local group meets. I hope to meet you some day and wish you God's leading and direction as you explore this old expression of faith in a fresh new way.



What to expect at a Church@ gathering
No two gatherings are alike

God's kingdom and His followers are diverse. His church reflects that diversity. Each Church@ gathering takes on the characteristics of the disciples that gather there. The spiritual gifts of the disciples will shape the gathering. Some are heavy on teaching while others may place more time on prayer or music. When you join a Church@ gathering, your gifts will shape it too.

Even though there is diversity, there is also unity because we share the same core values with each other. Here are the things that will be reflected in every Church@ location.

  1. We embrace the commandment to reproduce and multiply (Gen. 1:26-28 + Matt28:18-20) You will hear a lot about the mission of God at a Chruch@ gathering. 
  2. The primacy of being in the kingdom of God. (John 3:3-5, Matt. 7:21, Acts 14:22) God's kingdom is not of this world. We must be born again to even see the kingdom of God. This is the birthright of every believer.
  3. The missional supremacy of the Great Commission. (Matt. 28:18-20 + Acts 1:2) This means that when it comes to the activity of the mission we believe every Christian should be making disciples and teaching them to make disciples. At the Church@ you will be discipled and learn to multiply disciples.
  4. The need for missional intentionality. (Proverbs 16:9 + Hebrews 13:13 + Acts 19:21) We have a plan to be active in the work of God in our community. We actively follow the teachings of Scripture and God opens opportunity for the Gospel of the Kingdom to bear fruit.
  5. The pleasure of unity and community. (Psalm 133 + 1John 1:7) The church is a family and Christians should be united. We find that unity is best accomplished when we love others and serve God on the mission.
  6. The power of walking in the Spirit. (Gal.5:25 + Eph.3:16 + 2 Tim. 1:7) Every born again follower of Jesus has been gifted with supernatural power from the Holy Spirit. We want to help you understand your spiritual gift, hear the voice of God and walk in the power of the Spirit.
  7. The necessity for accountability through properly structured and functioning church leadership. (1Cor. 12 + Eph. 4) The church is designed by God to be led by the spiritual gifts He bestows. We don't have paid leadership staff or positions. Gifted leaders demonstrate their leadership gift by how they walk in the Spirit and minister the Word of God.
  8. Empowering and releasing Apostolic ministry. (1 Cor. 12:28 + Eph. 2:20) We are always supporting and starting new works. The Church@ movement is connected to each other for the purpose of reaching the nations. We want people consecrated, empowered and released to do what God has designed for them to do.
  9. Love. (1John 4:16 + Mark 12:30 - 31 + John 15:13) No greater love has anyone than to lay down their lives for another. Love requires commitment and sacrifice. The consumerism that has taken hold of the American church has destroyed these things. We want to love others the way Jesus loves us.