I’ve been diving into Ezekiel 44 and reading about the two priesthood’s: Zadok and Abiathar. If you haven’t read that yet, pause for just a minute and read that chapter- it’s full of good stuff, but it’s not super long!
Zadok is a line of blessed priesthood and they get to operate in the inner court, ministering to the Lord. Abiathar is a line of cursed priesthood and, this is where my mind gets blown, they operate in ministry still! They are not allowed in the inner court to minister to the Lord but instead they stay in the outer court ministering to the people. 
A few years ago I would have told you that anyone preaching, volunteering, even regularly attending a church was blessed in everything they were doing and the ways they were serving. And for some, that may be true! The priesthood of Zadok still operates in the outer court also, but that’s after they’ve gone in to spent time with the Lord and ministering to Him primarily. 
For us to minister to the Lord looks like getting with Him first every day and asking what He is doing it and how He is doing it. Then we fall in line. A lot is at play here. We have to die to ourselves, our will, our control, our flesh. And we have to operate from rest. God will give us a serious call on our lives if we are willing, but it’s not the sweaty, woolen work of the outer court, it’s the breezy, linen work of ministering to God then following the Spirit to operate in our gifts and complete the works God has preordained for us.