God is moving people out of institutional religion in America. Institutional forms of church are in severe decline. Churches in America plant or open around 4000 new churches each year. Between 4000-7000 close each year. Some estimate that as many as 60,000 may close because of the Covid-19 pandemic.

With approximately 300,000 Christian institutional churches in America it hard to comprehend that there are over 3 million church buildings. The church was not designed by God to be an institution. However, even when we decide to leave the institutional form of church we still have residual patterns of behavior that have been instilled in us.

Leaving the institution requires a period of deinstitutionalization or we will bring the baggage along with us. Some of the baggage we need to shed is doctrinal statements, professional clergy and our attachment to building centered church. None of these are instructed in the New Testament. They are all hard to break free from. If you want to experience an organic movement of God it will require us to break some bad habits.